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With used steel deck

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The robust steel floors

Used scaffolding made of steel with steel floor

The robust steel framework is recommended for longer construction projects, as it is the most massive scaffold and has the advantage of being extremely resilient. Stability, resilience and longevity are the main arguments for the scaffold. The scaffolding scores straight through its long service life. The steel framework as well as the steel floor are hot-dip galvanized and thus ensure a long resistance no matter what the weather is exposed to the steel scaffolding. Steel scaffolding is available from various scaffolding manufacturers such as Layher used, MJ used, Alfix scaffolding and more.

Advantages of a steel framework with steel floors:

  • High stability due to the high weight
  • maximum load capacity even at maximum height
  • extreme long life
  • cheaper in purchasing compared to aluminum scaffolding
  • Steel floor available in different lengths 0.73 m - 4.14 m

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