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Layher scaffolding, Plettac, Bosta Hünnebeck, Rux ... used

Used scaffolding is not a bad alternative to the new scaffolding, quite the contrary. Because once a scaffold is set, the shine is gone quickly. A scaffolding is and remains a commodity. We purchase our used scaffolding from different parts of Germany, company liquidations or reductions are often a reason for the sale of a used scaffolding.

With a used facade scaffolding, you do not have to worry about safety being endangered. Every used scaffold is viewed and tested by us, especially on the scaffold floors, we pay special attention. Should this not meet the requirements, we repair the scaffold floor with screen printing or aluminum profiles. The other scaffolding parts are made of either steel or aluminum - thus the safety is not endangered. Rolle Gerüstvertrieb offers you a variety of used scaffolding offers from various scaffolding manufacturers. On our homepage we offer a great insight. Whether you need used Layher, used Plettac, used Alfix, used Rux, Alu ladders, scaffolding or Dalmine .. we offer you as a scaffolder, roofer, carpenter or even private individuals used scaffolding to 1a conditions.

If no used scaffolding / façade scaffolding is suitable for you, we would be pleased to make you an offer for a new scaffold from the manufacturer MJ Scaffolding. We also have an online shop where you can buy new scaffolding around the clock.

For those who are looking for a professional and reliable partner to sell their used scaffolding - talk to us! We are flexible and gladly adapt to your needs.

You can reach us under the number 0 82 25 - 30 90 87 0. About a personal visit we are looking forward the most.

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0176 - 87 95 24 15
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