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With used robust ground

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Used scaffolding with used scaffold floors

Layher, MJ Scaffolding, Assco, Alfix ...

On this page we offer you used scaffolding with cheap, used robust decks. In addition to the price advantage compared to steel decks, you have half the amount of work involved in scaffolding erection, as you only have to lay one covering per field. All offered packages are examples and can be adapted to your specific needs. You can be sure that we will check every scaffolding decks for safety by Rolle Gerüstvertrieb. If a scaffolding floor no longer meets our requirements, it will be restored in our own workshop and then falls under the heading "used scaffolding with a new panel". At Rolle Gerüsthandel you will receive used scaffolding from different German scaffolding manufacturers and with different scaffolding decks. We adapt to your needs. You can not find your suitable used scaffolding on www.rolle-gerueste.de?

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