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Used Layher scaffold

Used Layher SpeedyScaf scaffolding

At Rolle Gerüsthandel you will find used Layher scaffolding, Alfix, MJ and Assco. The scaffolding manufacturer Layher has been synonymous with high-quality, field-proven scaffolding systems worldwide for more than 60 years. Layher scaffolding offers you a wide range of products that can make your framework work easier.

An overview of the large Layher product range

- Allround scaffolding
- Speedyscaf scaffolding
- Scaffold floors
- Cassette roof
- Lightweight cassette roof
- Keder roof and Kederhallen
- Protect system
- scaffolding accessories

The large Layher scaffolding product range offers comprehensive, sophisticated complete solutions for every application. Layher lightning towers, Layher ladders and Layher rolling stands (Zifa folding scaffold, Layher Uni Standard, Uni Wide, Uni Compact, Uni stair scaffold) are economical and impress with uncompromising quality (Source: Layher)

Layher Scaffolding used can be found at Rolle scaffolding trade. Whether Layher steel scaffolding, Layher aluminum scaffolding, meter-wide Layher scaffolding as well as Alfix, Assco and MJ. There are a large number of scaffolding manufacturers who are rebuilding the Layher scaffolding, but it is up to the user and user to check the building inspectorate approval. On our premises you will find between 20 and 100,000 square meters Layher, Alifix, Assco, MJ Scaffolding, as well as scaffolding manufacturers Bosta Hünnebeck, Plettac, Rux, Peri and many more.

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