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Scaffolding floor with aluminum or at least with wood?

Repair of defective scaffolding floors

aluminum floor

No rusting, no rotting, no fungal attack, no peeling.

Highly efficient and durable are the profile plates made of aluminum. Use our repair service and save yourself time and money. We restore your existing sturdy floor or stacked combi floor and make it a full aluminum floor. Since every customer has different needs, we have various offers ready. Whether you want to sell only defective scaffolding floors, swap, repair or create yourself with the right repair kit - we are flexible!

Convince yourself of the aluminum profiles best personally - We look forward to your visit!

Plywood / screen printing plates

The most cost-effective way to make a robust or stackable combination deck safe and accessible again. Plywood / screen printing is a natural material subject to aging. Regular inspection of all scaffolding floors is therefore necessary. Again, whether sturdy floor, stacked combi or scaffold walkways - we'll fix them all! Likewise, our offers of sale, purchase, exchange or repair are fully available to you.

That's why you ask us directly without obligation with your desired quantity, framework soil type and scaffold floor length.

We expressly point out that no liability or warranty is accepted for the scaffold floor repaired by you or by us. Be in scaffolding floors z. For example, if new profiles are installed in an Alfix floor or Layher floor, it no longer complies with the recognized rules of technology (DIN 4420) and must not be marked "DIN 4420" or the approval expires.To make offers for repair or purchase of repaired scaffolding floors exclusively to entrepreneurs.

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