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Scaffolding mainly buy scaffolders, roofers, plasterers, painters, building renovation companies and solar technicians. A scaffolding consists of a few scaffolding parts. Many entrepreneurs and private individuals want to buy a scaffold cheap. As a scaffolding dealer, we offer new and used facade scaffolding cheap.

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Which scaffolding fits best to you and your project, we clarify best in an individual conversation.

Buy scaffolding, but how are these assembled?

The vertical frames are on scaffold feet, which are height adjustable by a spindle, so that unevenness of the ground can be compensated. On an adjusting frame, another adjusting frame can be attached at the top. On the frames scaffold floors are laid, which form the floors of the scaffolding. Modern scaffolding clamps the floors between the two frames so that they can not be lifted out by mistake or by wind suction. For a smooth assembly and disassembly, it is important that all frames of the scaffolding are exactly vertical and all scaffolding floors are horizontal. The ascents / ladders, which today usually consist of special scaffolding floors with an integrated flap and permanently mounted, fold-up ladders, make it possible to ascend and descend between floors.

The frames divert the loads into the ground, the scaffolding floors prevent individual frames from falling over and stiffen the scaffolding horizontally. On the outside of the facade scaffolding diagonal struts are mounted, which prevent the entire scaffolding can fall over in the longitudinal direction. So that it does not fall over in the transverse direction, the scaffolding is usually anchored by eyebolts in special scaffold plugs on the scaffolding. Basically, a structural safety report (statics) is required for every façade scaffolding - which does not correspond to a standard version. For system scaffolding, it can be replaced by the type approval if it is used as intended.
The vertical tubes of the frames are equipped with mounting options on which railings are suspended in two levels. In addition, a toe board must be clamped between the supports below, so that you can not slip through under the railings when slipping and so that no material can fall down. Even the narrow or frontal sides are secured by railings and end boards. This is also called a three-part side protection.

In order to adapt the scaffolding to the contours of a building, brackets can be screwed to the supports, into which additional decking boards can be hung. Larger distances, e.g. for driveways, can be bridged by installing lattice girders to which the bottom frames are attached with couplings. (Source)

Scaffolding is best bought from an experienced partner such as Rolle Gerüstvertrieb.

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