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Full-aluminium deck

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Scaffolding used

newly occupied with lightweight full aluminum floors

Scaffolding is made of various materials, either as a steel scaffolding or aluminium scaffolding. Both types of scaffolds have their advantages and disadvantages. The aluminum framework is known for its flexibility and easy handling. The steel frame, on the other hand, is known for its stability and very high load capacity. Depending on the project, it should be decided here which is the right framework and which scaffold floor you need.

At Rolle Scaffolding trade you will find a large selection of used scaffolding with newly occupied all-aluminum floor. From 30 sqm to 1000 sqm different scaffolding offers.

Benefit from the longevity, no weathering, no decay. We offer cheap scaffolding floors with newly inserted full aluminum floors. Protect your back with the lightweight all-aluminum floors.

Advantages of a scaffolding with newly occupied full aluminum floor:

  • High quality all-aluminum floors or gutters
  • easy loading station for transport, i. more transport area
  • no weather or rot
  • safe investment
  • Back-friendly due to low weight

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