Scaffolding Systems

Layher scaffolding or Plettac scaffolding or rather an Alfix?

Scaffolding systems from the leading manufacturers Layher, Plettac, Bosta Hünnebeck, Rux, Alfix, MJ and Peri. Here you will get an insight about our offered scaffolding systems.


Layher SpeedyScaf 109, Layher SpeedyScaf 73
We offer scaffolding from the manufacturer Layher, type Layher Blitz 109. The scaffolding has a depth of 109 cm and is preferably used for masonry work.
As a façade or painting scaffold we offer the system Layher Blitz 73 from the manufacturer Layher, as hot-dip galvanized steel scaffolding or aluminum. With Layher Blitz Scaffolds you work with a system that consists of few components and a low weight. This allows the scaffolding to be set up quickly and without tools.
Compatible with most of the components of the Layher Blitz 109 system, the Layher Blitz 73 system is used for roof, painter and façade work.


Plettac SL 100, Plettac SL 70, Plettac SSK 300
We sell Masonry scaffolding from the manufacturer Plettac, type Plettac SL 100. The scaffolding has a depth of 110 cm and is preferably used for masonry work, but the system can also be used for painter and façade work.
The somewhat lightweight Plettac SL 70, mainly used as a roof, painter and Fassendegerüst scaffold is available in aluminum, other Plettac scaffolding are made of hot-dip galvanized steel, so you have no rust problems.
Another system available from Plettac SSK, the predecessor of the system, Plettac SL 100 is still widely used, so it can be found on many construction sites.


Hünnebeck Bosta 100, Hünnebeck Bosta 70, Hünnebeck quick-release scaffolding
We sell scaffolding from the manufacturer Thyssen Hünnebeck, type Bosta 100. The scaffolding has a depth of 100 cm. Hünnebeck Bosta 100 and Hünnebeck Bosta 70 are compatible with the system, so additional accessories can be used variably.
Thyssen Hünnebeck scaffolds are hot-dip galvanized steel scaffolds, the Hünnebeck Bosta 70 is also available in aluminum, which facilitates the construction.


Rux Super 100 (Rux tipping pin), Rux Super 100-0 (Rux eye), Rux Super 65, Rux Super 65-0. We offer a scaffolding from the manufacturer Rux, type Rux Super 100 (Rux tilting pin) and type Rux Super 100-0 (Rux eye). The scaffolding has a depth of 100 cm and is used for masonry, painting and facade work.

MJ scaffolding

UNI-CONNECT 70 DUO is a frame scaffold in the wide 0.73 and 1.09. For the scaffold MJ UNI-CONNECT 70 DUO we have the building inspectorate approval Z-8.1-872. For the steel frame 2.00 m x 1.09 m, we have a certificate of conformity for approval no. Z-8.1-840 and the aluminum frame 2.00 m x 0.73 m for approval number Z-8.1-844. The scaffold is mainly used as a work protection scaffold.


PERI UP, PERI UP T 72 / T 104
The normal construction of PERI UP takes place in the protection of the leading railing. Without additional parts, the railing of the next level can be assembled or disassembled by a man from a secure position. When you first enter the next floor, the scaffolder is secured against falling by this railing.
The PERI scaffolding thus meets the requirements of the European Work Equipment User Guideline - the rope protection required in many countries is not necessary with PERI UP.
The modular scaffolding PERI UP Rosett is made up of standardized scaffolding units. With a few identical components, the greatest possible flexibility is achieved. They can be used for the construction of a reinforcement framework as well as for the installation of a scaffold staircase or work platform - this saves investment costs. Each scaffolding unit is fully documented with drawing, parts list and stability certificate. In the assembly and use instructions, the rule structures are shown clearly and understandably. Possible uses: all work before a formwork, e.g. Reinforcement work, closing the formwork, setting the formwork anchors, concreting work (Source)

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