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How it works?

From the existing robust floor of the old floor is removed and disposed of properly. Then the new aluminum cover is mounted on the scaffold frame. The aluminum floor is ready to fit all standard scaffold floors of German manufacturers of load class 3.

We set up stacked combi floors and robust floors, the latter being the new scaffolding floors. The older model has a "U-lip" which is about 9 mm, so the aluminum covering can not simply be laid on top of the stacking combi floor. First, the upper lip must be removed here, only then can the aluminum plates be inserted.

We expressly point out that no liability or warranty is accepted for the scaffolding floor repaired by you or ourselves. Will be transferred to other scaffolding floors, eg. For example, if new profiles are installed in an Alfix floor or in a Layher floor, it no longer complies with the recognized rules of technology (DIN 4420) and must not be marked "DIN 4420" or the approval expires Scaffolding floors are aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs.

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