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Scaffolding accessories

The scaffolding accessories

various scaffolding manufacturers such as Layher, Plettac, MJ Gerüst, Geda

Find a large selection of used scaffolding accessories at Rolle Gerüsthandel. Divided into 4 different categories, you will easily find the right scaffolding accessories. Rolle Gerüsthandel offers all the usual scaffolding parts from the leading scaffolding manufacturers Layher Scaffolding (Layher Blitz, Layher Allround), Hünnebeck Bosta, Plettac scaffolding, Rux, MJ scaffolding, Alfix and many more. In addition to the usual scaffolding construction requirements such as couplings, brackets, steel pipes or aluminum pipes, Rolle also includes construction hoists, construction machines, lattice girders or scaffolding storage pallets.

Our 4 categories:

1. Construction Equipment & Lifts
2. Scaffold couplings of all kinds (shock coupling, half coupling, hanger scaffold coupling, timber coupling, clamp coupling, Klemmhalbkupplung and much more.)
3. Layher scaffolding accessories (repaired robust floors, adjustable frames, steel floors, double railings, roof guards, lattice girders, front railings and much more)
4. System-free scaffolding accessories

In the 4th category "System-free scaffolding accessories" you will find suitable accessories for all systems, such as Tubes, couplings, lattice girders, castors or spindles. In addition to the normal facade scaffolding, we also store mobile scaffoldings, rolling tower or mobile work platforms on our 5-hectare property in Jettingen-Scheppach. You will find the corresponding mobile scaffolding or rolling scaffold accessories to match.

The various accessories can be found in steel or aluminum. You need help with the selection? Then call us on 0 82 25 - 30 90 87 0 or use our contact form.

Our opening hours are from Monday to Thursday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and Fridays to 3:00 pm.

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