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Used scaffolding German scaffolding manufacturer

Rolle Gerüstvertrieb distributor offers you a variety of used scaffolding and used facade scaffolding. The scaffolding which consists of aluminum, steel serves all roof and facade work, the working platforms of the scaffolding consist of either aluminum, steel floor or wood. As a scaffolding dealer, we offer you a wide selection of scaffolding and facade scaffolding. The scaffolding is available from Layher, Plettac, Rolle Gerüstsysteme, Alfix, Bosta Hünnebeck, Rux, Bera, Wagner and much more. All scaffolding manufacturers meet the requirements for a used scaffolding as painting scaffolding, facade scaffolding, solar scaffolding for plumbing work etc.

How many parts is a scaffolding?

The following parts are required for the proper scaffolding of a scaffolding:
Vertical frame / frame, horizontal decking / scaffold floor made of wood, steel or aluminum, access bridge, front / toe boards, diagonal, back railing, railing support, covering protection, roof protection net, side guards, front and side railing and anchors and couplings to attach. It is particularly important that scaffolding is in every second floor or every 4 meters to secure the frame of the scaffolding (anchor).

What must be considered when building a scaffolding?

Important when building a scaffolding whether a new or used scaffold are the fall protection, the railings, toeboards including side guardrail. For roof work, the roof protection net or the side protection grid is recommended for the scaffolding. To stabilize necessarily install diagonals in every 5th field to the last position and as already written above the anchorage of the scaffolding.

Which scaffolding suits you?

Depending on the project, it must be decided individually which scaffolding suits you - we will gladly assist you. We advise you comprehensively also with regard to anytime completion of your scaffolding. Whether you are looking for a Layher scaffolding, Pletta, MJ scaffolding, Alfix facade scaffolding or Rux scaffolding, we are sure to find the right scaffolding for you.

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