Plettac SL 70/100 Scaffolds

Used facade scaffolding

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The Plettac SL 70/100 is available once in the variant aluminium framework and in the variant steel framework. Here we offer various scaffolding package offers in the sizes 100 - 1000 sqm, from the manufacturer Plettac. Similarly, the scaffolding manufacturer offers its SL scaffolding in 2 different widths. In the lengths 70 cm and 100 cm. The SL70 scaffolding is the usual facade scaffolding and the SL100 is used as a so-called masonry scaffolding.
With just a few main components, the Plettac SL 70/100 can be set up quickly and safely. The components are simply plugged together, the diagonals and back railing fixed to self-locking tilting pins. The pads are held by star bolts and thus ensure a very rigid framework construction. The scaffolding system Plettac SL 70/100 is designed according to the principle of forced erection. Each of the scaffolding parts must be mounted and fixed in a specific order. This method prevents serious mistakes and thus ensures a very high level of security.

The advantages of a Plettac scaffold used SL 70 scaffolding:

  • Independent solder adjustment - fast assembly
  • Forced construction required - error-free installation
  • Self-locking, patented tilting handle - quick installation
  • Star stud suspension - high longitudinal stiffness
  • hot-dip galvanized steel scaffolding (no weathering)

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