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Used scaffolding accessories Plettac

The scaffolding parts of the manufacturer plettac-assco are perfectly matched to each other. These are always produced to measure. Thus, the company ensures that the scaffolding without complications and as soon as possible goes by the hand. The individual scaffold elements are secured by couplings and anchorages. These offer you the desired flexibility. The sturdy steel frames or aluminum frames are designed for a variety of applications and adapt to almost any job site perfectly.

Since the framework elements are made exclusively from high-quality steel or aluminum, they can meet the highest demands.

Buy Plettac Scaffolding Accessories for sale

Here you will find:

  • Roofer catch protection support
  • Double end guardrail
  • Passage frame
  • railing posts
  • Plank retainer
  • Railing (various sizes)
  • Outrigger console
  • Vertical frame (various sizes)
  • End guardrail frame
  • traverse
  • spindle head
  • Swiveling foot spindle

We are your specialist dealer for used scaffoldings of various scaffolding manufacturers. Find with us, role scaffolding trade, always the right used Plettac SL scaffolding and the matching accessories.

You need other used or new scaffolding asccessories then call us on the 0 82 25 - 30 90 87 0 or write us an email to Our sales consultants will contact you immediately and try to clarify your request.

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