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ALTRAD Plettac Assco

For decades, innovative techniques and continuous developments have defined the working process for all scaffolding systems. We offer you secure, flexible scaffolding systems for all your requirements and a variety of services. We want you to be able to work safely and productively with our scaffolding systems. Because that's for you ..... LOGIC - EASY - BETTER .... Use our know-how, because it's good to know, to trust the original.

Products for the highest demands    

  • facade scaffolding
  • modular scaffolding
  • mobile towers
  • Stage / Tribune
  • weatherproof
  • civil protection
  • equipment

Products from ALTRAD plettac assco are now sold worldwide and are among the safest and most flexible systems in the industry. Made in Germany ALTRAD calls it plettac assco and a large part of the production is destined for export. A successful concept and quality at 100%. The product range is diverse. The products are manufactured in the production facility ALTRAD plettac Production in Großräschen and are subject to constant quality controls. The fulfillment of all safety requirements is a matter of course and all necessary approvals and certificates are available to the customer.

Every day ALTRAD plettac assco proves that safety, flexibility and reliability are indispensable in this industry.

At a glance:

  •     Comfortable and safe frame scaffolding
  •     Modular scaffolds for flexible use as room or special scaffolding
  •     Aluminum mobile scaffolds from two complete ranges offer the widest variety of applications
  •     Stage systems, highly resilient and exceptionally flexible
  •     Grandstands with seats, staircases and suitable for all uses
  •     Weather protection with the plettac module roof, temporary and yet weatherproof
  •     Civil protection systems, such as scaffolding system, flood runway, flood protection wall, logistics and accessories
  •     System-free accessories for scaffolding

(Source: Plettac)

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