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The Blizzard S-70 Scaffolding System & Parts

For more than 26 years now, Rolle Gerüstvertrieb e.K., formerly known as Rolle & Sauter GbR, has become an integral part of the scaffolding industry. 10 years of scaffolding or special scaffolding and since 2002 scaffolding dealers in the field of used & new scaffolding, scaffolding accessories, repair of defective scaffold floors / access bridges etc. Since 2015, the company has been developing a very special scaffolding system - the Blizzard S-70 scaffolding system!
The high-quality scaffolding systems of the company are available in the steel scaffold or aluminium scaffolding variant. The company is constantly working to make its scaffolding systems even lighter, simpler and safer.

  • Experience the Blizzard S-70 scaffolding system
  • 100% accuracy of fit
  • highest product quality
  • short-term material purchases in large and small quantities
  • personal advice throughout Europe
  • close customer loyalty
  • The company supports you right from the planning phase
  • punctual delivery worldwide

Here you will find an overview of all the scaffolding parts that the company has in the program, moreover, you will find under the categories Alugerüst and steel scaffolding, various packages of 30 sqm - 1000 sqm. Of course, we also customize each offer individually according to your wishes and your construction project.

* General building inspectorate approval: For details, also for common use with other systems, please refer to the building inspectorate approval Z-8.1-974.
Bis zu 100.000 m² Gerüste direkt am Lager
Deutsche Gerüsthersteller
In der Zulassung Nr. Z-8.1-974 Rolle Blizzard S-70, ist die gemeinsame Verwendung mit Layher - Bauteilen, gemäß deren Zulassung Nr. Z-8.1-16.2 geregelt. Bei Artikel mit (*) ist die Zulassung beantragt. Es kann vorkommen, dass Gerüstteile keine Kennzeichnng bzw. keine Zulassung haben. Ein Einsatz ist jedoch möglich, wenn im Einzelfall zuvor eine baurechtliche Zustimmung eingeholt wird.
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