Modular Scaffolding

Modular frameworks are also called system frameworks.

Modular scaffolding is used when a facade scaffold reaches its limits, because the flexibility of these scaffolds, they guarantee you a fast, tool-free and safe construction.

A modular framework consists of several different connection points to which other components such as bars, diagonals and brackets can be attached. At regular intervals, of about 50 centimeters, depending on the manufacturer, the so-called nodes either welded or attached in another way. If one goes back in time, a module scaffold also reminds of a steel tube framework or coupling scaffolding.

Depending on the manufacturer, modular scaffolds have different names. This is the name of the framework at the manufacturer Layher - Allroundgerüst, Peri - PERI UP Flex or MJ scaffolding - modular scaffold COMBI, etc. The name Façade scaffolding refers to the application area - ie the facade. It is different with a modular scaffold this refers to the construction method. Mostly, a system framework finds use as e.g. Scaffolding, protective scaffolding or surface scaffolding.

Like all other scaffolding constructions, modular scaffolds are divided into six different load classes.

Adaptable to the smallest detail

Scaffolders appreciate the very flexible application of this technology. The ease of transport and the best possible use of storage, is very popular with the expert.

The origin meaning of the word "module" means to be a flexible part of a scaffolding system. Because of the many junctions, this construction offers the possibility to adapt floor heights and center distances exactly to the conditions of a construction site.

At the junctions at different heights, couple up to eight horizontal bars and vertical diagonals. These have so-called end adapters, these take up the next components from the system framework.

Especially in hard-to-reach areas of a construction site, the modular scaffolding is very popular with every craftsman. If a building e.g. has complicated, inclined, sloping or curved surfaces, a modular framework is used. Due to the clear logic and the few components requires the expert only a few handles for assembly and disassembly.

Almost everywhere wide application

Modular frameworks are used in many different fields. Often one sees a scaffolding construction over a road - something is called a cable transfer. Such constructions are used when e.g. the power supply is a construction site on the opposite street. Likewise, modular scaffolding is also being converted into stages at concerts because they are quickly assembled and dismantled for a short time.

If in-house escape staircases are temporarily unavailable, module scaffoldings are often converted into escape stairs. These are attached to the exterior facade and can also be used as a permanent solution.

Especially in industry, modular scaffolds are very popular. You will find these, e.g. on oil rigs as oil derricks. Also in the aircraft or shipbuilding these system scaffoldings are used. Often also when renovating or cleaning large tanks. With this modular design so round frames in the tank arise inside or outside of the tank. Also very popular as a bridge replacement or suspension scaffold. For restorations of churches indoors or outdoors, modular scaffoldings are very popular.

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