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Layher Scaffolding

Used Layher flash or allround scaffolding

Layher is a leading scaffolding manufacturer. We have the Layher Blitz Scaffold and also the Modular Scaffold Allround. The Layher scaffolding has been the dominant frame scaffold on the scaffolding market for decades. The Layher scaffolding is sturdy, stable and very fast to set up, consisting of only six basic elements (railing, toe board, scaffold floor, diagonals, frames, foot spindles). The Layher scaffolding is made of hot-dip galvanized Layher steel scaffolding or lightweight aluminum. Naturally also approved by building authorities the Blitz 70 is steel, the 100 steel and the Blitz 70 aluminum. We even have a separate online shop for rolling towers, and even deliver Layher mobile scaffolds home.

You can extend the Layher framework with consoles inwards or outwards. For this purpose, the welded-on half-couplings in the gusset plate area or the corner shops are fastened as a pivoting console above the pipe connector of the adjusting frame. Thus, a ground level is formed more on the Layher scaffolding.

Rolle Gerüstvertrieb offers continuously used Layher scaffolding at the best price. It is best to come directly to us and choose your Layher scaffolding on site.

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