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Aluminium scaffolding Layher/MJ/Assco

Used aluminium scaffolding

Layher scaffolding, Mj scaffolding, Assco facade scaffolding

Aluminium Scaffolding are compared to steel scaffolding significantly lighter. That brings with it a lot of advantages. Especially for the small craftsman or contractor or for home improvement home, the aluminum scaffold is a welcome alternative. Despite the light weight, the scaffolding made of aluminum is extremely sturdy.

Alu frameworks are available in different versions such as as a rolling tower, mobile scaffolding, facade scaffolding, scaffolding, etc. These scaffolding made of aluminum, there is a used scaffolding or new scaffolding. Meanwhile, all scaffolding manufacturers such as Layher, Plettac, MJ, Assco, Alfix and many more offer. Aluminum scaffolding on.

Advantages of a scaffold made of aluminum

  • easy assembly and disassembly with little effort
  • low loading weight
  • High scaffold resale value
  • low weight with maximum stability and stability

Here you'll find a large selection of used aluminum scaffolding from different manufacturers like used Layher scaffolding, used Assco scaffolding from Alu, Alfix scaffolding, MJ scaffolding and much more.

Choose from 3 different types of scaffolding, the right one for you. You have the choice between used robust ground, with newly occupied robust ground or full aluminum floors.

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