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Layher Scaffold

Buy low priced scaffolding!

We offer a large selection of used scaffolding. On this page we show you scaffolding compilations in the example with the manufacturers Layher, MJ, Alfix, Assco. Of course we offer the same setup options with Plettac, Bosta Hünnebeck, Rux and many more. We depend entirely on your project - depending on size - depending on the manufacturer (subject to availability).

You are in a hurry and want to put together your used scaffolding according to your own numbers?
Then just click on our offer express button and enter your quantities directly. You have too long a journey and need a cost-effective shipping?

No matter what you need - we implement it because service is not just a top priority for us. 

Bis zu 100.000 m² Gerüste direkt am Lager
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0176 - 87 95 24 15
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