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Gable scaffolding Layher/MJ/Assco

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So you can work comfortably on the gable

Did you know that wooden scaffolding was already used in ancient Egypt? But since the material wood was very scarce at that time, because it had to be introduced specially, the use of these wooden scaffolding, has been limited to the installation of sculptor workshops and statues. Since these wooden scaffoldings consisted of simple knot joints made of ropes, it was possible to quickly set up and dismantle them. At that time, there were no scaffolding for the houses.

But today the stand is different, scaffolding is now made of steel or aluminum and it will not only residential, but also, for example. Scaffolding rigs or nuclear power plants. Similarly, there are special scaffolding for the gable of a house. Since the gable is pointed, you need appropriate scaffolding parts. We have put together specially used gable scaffolding examples for you. We offer you here used scaffolding for the gable, various scaffolding manufacturers such as Layher, Assco, Alfix, MJ scaffolding and more.

If you do not have the right used scaffolding for the gable side, then call us on 0 82 25 - 30 90 87 0 or send us an email. We will gladly put together the right gable scaffolding for your project.

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