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Cheap scaffolding

Buy scaffolding cheap

At Rolle Gerüstvertrieb you can buy cheap used scaffolding

Used Layher, Used Rux, Plettac Scaffolding used or Cheap scaffolding - we offer used scaffolding with sharp discount for the professional needs or for home builders and private customers. Throughout the year, customers at Rolle Gerüsthandel find various scaffolding deals. Our packages are between 30 - 1000 square meters and vary between 2.57 m and 3.07 m long scaffolding floors. The right framework is not included or you have a specific request to scaffolding manufacturers? Contact us, sometimes we get skeleton material delivered at short notice, which may not yet be online. For roller scaffolding distribution, low priced facade scaffolding from various manufacturers such as Layher (Layher Blitz scaffolding, Layher Allround scaffold) you will find used Plettac, scaffold used, Rux scaffolding, Assco scaffolding, etc. Work scaffolding made of steel or aluminum.

Buy your scaffolding cheap at Rolle Gerüsthandel.

Here you can acquire scaffolding specials low, according to the motto of much square meter / low price performance ratio. You have questions or the suitable offer is not there? Then call us on 0 82 25 - 30 90 87 0 or send us an email. We're here to help.

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