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Buy Scaffolding

Buy used scaffolding cheap

All scaffolding sold by Rolle Gerüstvertrieb are complete and ready to use. We sell scaffolding from different manufacturers.

Layher scaffolding, Plettac scaffolding, Rux, Bosta Hünnebeck, MJ scaffolding

All used scaffolding parts are in perfect technical condition. Of course, the scaffolding on signs of wear on the safety of the scaffolding is not endangered, on the contrary. We also sort broken scaffold floors and repair them with aluminum or wood.

We are happy to deliver the scaffolding directly to your construction site. Choose from our wide range of various square meters. We also like to customize every scaffolding individually.

Do you have a question about scaffolding? Call us directly at +49 82 25 - 30 90 87 0. Scaffolding is best bought at Rolle Scaffolding trade in Jettingen.

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