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Used aluminum scaffolding

with newly installed screen printing plate

Good and stable robust floors are almost the most important in a used scaffold. For good scaffold floors, form a standing and running surface for the craftsmen. Therefore, a firm and secure connection with the frame is enormously important. Therefore, all used scaffoldings we buy are thoroughly examined for defects. You must not forget that the scaffolding documents have to endure a lot. The scaffolding surface not only serves the tradesman as a running and working surface but also as a storage place for various tools and the building material to be processed.
There are several different scaffolding types such as e.g. Wooden planks - these have an average width of 35 cm and consist, as the name already suggests, of wood. Then there are the steel ground. Steel covers are class 4-6 - for work where material may be deposited and stored on the surface of the flooring, eg. B. masonry and reinforcement work. This also includes the discontinuation of material with chain hoists.

We offer you in this offer category used aluminium scaffolding with newly installed screen printing plate. This means we remove the old broken wood panel and replace it with a new construction wood panel. This gives you more security. Depending on the wear of the scaffolding floors, they can be used for another 10 years.

Advantages of an alu scaffolding used with a new screen plate:

  • Longevity has been restored
  • low loading weight
  • high resale value
  • cheaper than new scaffolding floors
  • Resilient and stable
  • Plate can be replaced again at any time

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