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Layher rolling tower - aluminum rolling scaffolding

Somewhat differently than in the field of used scaffolding there are several different platform lengths and widths as well as with different working heights for the rolling scaffold and mobile scaffolds. The construction of the rolling scaffolds is also particularly practical and simple. It is a simple plug-in system and a tool is unnecessary as well as the scaffolding boom. That makes it easy for the layman.

Mobile scaffoldings are also referred to as rolling scaffolding. The rolling scaffold is usually made of aluminum, it can be realized in almost all sizes and offers the advantage of being mobile. The rollers can stand free on the ground or run in a rail system, which is firmly anchored in the ground. In both cases, a parking brake is essential.

Rolling scaffolds are made exclusively of aluminum. Mobile scaffolds can be used indoors or outdoors. Whether working on the facade, painting, electrical work, ceiling work, putty work or for the exhibition, mobile scaffoldings are almost everywhere operational.

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